Monday, December 12, 2016

EOC Week 10 My Plans

Some of the most interesting people I have met, have no clue at the age of 40 what they want to be when they grow up. At 33 I have no certain idea of what it is exactly that I want to be.  I am currently attending culinary school after serving 13 years in the USAF. The one thing I am certain about was that I enjoy cooking, and that I enjoy seeing the expression on people’s faces when they eat my food. I am pursuing a degree in culinary management which Is going to give me a couple of years to kind of figure it out. I’m not certain if I want to be an executive chef or a restaurant manager or maybe even a food truck owner.  I do know that I have a wanderlust eagerness for the world, something I obtained during my time in the military. I have read a few books and watched a few shows that involve the chef, Anthony Bourdain. He has given me the courage to just explore, whether it’s trying new foods, drinking new spirits or meeting new strangers.  That’s the gift the world has to offer and that’s something everyone can do. So I would say ultimately “My plan” would consist of trying new foods, drinking new spirits or meeting new strangers! If we were to discover life on another planet, I would like to think everyone would want to see that new world, see the new “people” ,try the new foods and possibly discover a new type of hangover.
“If I'm an advocate for anything, it's to move. As far as you can, as much as you can. Across the ocean, or simply across the river. Walk in someone else's shoes or at least eat their food. It's a plus for everybody." Anthony Bourdain 

Week 8 EOC: Quiz 8 Question 4.

a. What were the total revenues in October 2009 and October 2010?
b. What was the GOP in dollars in October 2009 and October 2010?
c. What was the percentage of GOP to total revenues in October 2009 and October 2010?
d. What was the flow-through percentage achieved by Santi’s hotel? What is your assessment of that percentage?
a.    The total revenues in October 2009 was 545,000 and October 2010 was 583,000
b.  The GOP in October 2009 was $162,000 and in October 2010 was 184,550
c.    The GOP in total revenues % in October 2009 was 29.72 and in 2010 was 31.66%

d.  The flow-through % was 59.34%. In my opinion that percentage, slightly high, which is great for the business. 

Week 7 EOC Trump and business

“Many business owners feel like the country needs the fresh, non-political perspective of Trump, given the state of the current economy.” (INC)   dont think Trump would be well for small business, however, it is still too early to form an opinion on Trump’s future actions because he is so unpredictable.  “He told CNBC that he believes Clinton's proposals will make it easier to allow business owners like himself to secure capital for expansions.” (INC).  small business industry’s main issue is lack of cash flow. The lack of cash flow is the number one reason a lot of small business are not successful. Along with their political views I find that Hilary focuses on the small business of America which are the minority of revenue just like she focuses on the ethnic minorities of America. As for Trump, I find he focuses on big successful business that bring in a majority of revenue. Since Trump has been elected, I predict that he will have a negative impact on the small minority businesses and positively affect the big majoritarian businesses, just like his racial views“Business owners are divided about which candidate will provide the most beneficial support…”(INC). This quote explains a lot about the decisions America has made on the presidential election. Many business owners were and still are skeptical about both Clinton and Trump’s impact on their businesses. As the president elect, Trump brings a business aspect to the white house, which is one of the most appealing things that business owners see in Trump. 

Monday, November 14, 2016

Week 6 EOC, Weed in the workplace

Weed in the Culinary Workplace

            With the growing trend for states to legalize the medical use and also the recreational use of marijuana, there has been a topic that has been more and more in the spotlight.  How do employers drug test effect employment for their companies? According to SAPAA, there were 13.1 million employed drug abusers in the U.S. in 2007, with food and construction industries leading the way. “In a 6-0 decision, the high court affirmed lower court rulings that businesses can fire employees for the use of medical marijuana — even if it’s off-duty.” 

            I think the big issue with employers with dealing with productivity as well as safety, especially the leading industry of drug abuser in 2007 being the Food industry.  Several issues you could run into with the culinary workplace work productivity.  When under the influence of marijuana it can have effects that slow down motor function and reaction time. Being in an industry such as food and working with sharp tools, you can see how this can be and issue with most, if not all employers. Most of the results of an employee making a mistake can come with consequences for them and the employer. “if you make a mistake, you can find yourself in court”

With the legalization of marijuana grown across the country, a bigger spotlight is being put on rules and regulations. More and more employers are implementing stricter and clearer rules to weed in the workplace, which they should for the simple fact that a lot of people can get hurt or even result in legal ramifications. Though I don’t disagree with the recently growing laws of recreational use of marijuana, I do believe we need to put into place specific laws addressing when and how it can be used as well as develop some sort of test to can come up with some sort of time line when last used, like a breathalyzer with the use of alcohol   

Week 4 EOC, Ch 4 Q3, Ch 5 Q2

a. Compare Rachel’s Cash % with the chain’s %.  Is it higher or lower?  What might this mean?
b. Compare Rachel’s Inventories % with the chain’s %.  Is it higher or lower?  What might this mean?
c. Compare Rachel’s Accounts Payable % with the chain’s %.  Is it higher or lower?  What might this mean?
d. Compare Rachel’s Notes Payable % with the chain’s %.  Is it higher or lower?  What might this mean?
a. Rachels cash % is higher at 18.9%.
b. Rachels inventories % is higher at 11.4%
c. Rachesl accouts payable % is higher at 11.3%

d. Rachels notes payable % is higher at 2.5%

a. Did the change in Cash reflect a Source or a Use of funds? What was the amount of that change? 
b. Did the change in Net Receivables reflect a Source or a Use of funds? What was the amount of that change?
c. Did the change in Notes Payable reflect a Source or a Use of funds? What was the amount of that change?
d. Did the change in Retained Earnings reflect a Source or a Use of funds? What was the amount of that change?
e. What was the total amount of Sources and Uses of Funds?
a.  It was a use of fund with 14,000
b.  It was a use of funds with 40,000
c.   It was a use of funds with 44,000
d.  It was a source of funds 104,000
e.   Both balanced out to 743,000 it both sources and uses

Week 3 EOC, Dinning experience

"Everyone is opening a restaurant, yet the painful reality is there isn't enough talent to go around,"  New restaurants are opening everyday, and it seems they are all becoming more and more alike.  I don't consider myself to be a "upscale" diner but i do enjoy the nice places to eat every now again. Yet I enjoy the simple things. I would say for myself the best experience i have always had have been in lower end chain restaurants. 

"Casual-dining chains that succeeded in this challenging climate of time-pressed customers found ways to convince guests that their venues were worth taking the time to slow down to enjoy great food, drinks or service"  When i was living in Tucson, me and my friends would go to the local Chilli's to have drinks and food. It was a fun place to just sit down, watch some sport and eat good food at an affordable price. The staff always said hello, they also knew by first names. It was a place i could always go to and have a great experience 

Monday, October 10, 2016

Week 2 EOC, Chapter 2 Question 4

a. Lauras cash accounting showed less of a loss a (7,850) as to Lisa who showed a loss of (10,750). Essentially showing that lis has a higher "net profit"

b. Laura's cash accounting method seems to show more accurate with money on hand. "system is a method that records revenue as being earned when it is actually received. Likewise, expenditures are recorded when they are actually paid, regardless of when they were incurred

c. Lisa's Accrual method shoes the most accurate for revenues generated regardless of when they were recieved. "revenue is recorded when it is earned, regardless of when it is collected, and expenses are recorded when they are incurred, regardless of when they are paid."

d. Lauras cash accounting methond is the most accurate to show expenses incurred regardless of when they were paid.

e. Lisa's Accrual accounting method is most accurately shows actual cash inflows and outflows. "In general, the sources and uses of funds you need for cash flow from investing activities will come from your long-term assets (investments, property and equipment, and other assets). The exception to this is marketable securities, which is a current asset that belongs in investing activities.

f. Lisa's Accrual accounting method shows the most accurate relection of true profitability